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    Posted on December 10, 2008 by in Around the House, Uncategorized

    The last few days I have been dealing with problems with my now former web host, IX Hosting. If you use them as a web host I suggest you RUN, Run away fast! They are not focused on customer service – at least not from our dealings with them. They are less than honest also – and in my opinion that says more than anything else.

    To be fair to IX we did violate their TOS (Terms of Service) Somehow hackers got into an old database Tyler had set up for a web forum, doesn’t use anymore, and had forgotten about. I don’t fully understand what was going on – but if you do a search on IX Web Hosting you will find they have had on ongoing issue with hackers over the past few months. Hackers cause the CPU usage to go up – and the TOS states that if you leave holes that allow hackers in its your fault. The CPU usage is what the TOS addresses and it doesn’t matter what causes it to spike. The concern is the shared servers and how your spike adversely effects others. At any rate, because of their TOS, and because this same thing happened in our account almost a year ago, and because Tyler caused a TOS by having “higher than normal” CPU usage due to a shoutbox he installed in April as well – we had 3 strikes – and for IX than means you are out. PERIOD. Do not pass go – you lose your files, your time … everything. Their TOS states this will happen and they will not give you access to your stuff – and they were unbending on this rule. We lost a whole website we had created for our homeschool group. (a non profit group – and we did the website for free… spent hours on it – but didn’t know how to back it up because it was a Joomla site. I know… our responsibility… ) So, bottom line, you get hacked? Your fault… oh well. … no sympathy.. nothing… The main thing is that at IX they don’t seem to value their paying customers. Just my opinion and view based on how we have been treated over the past 2 years with them…. and then there is that hacker thingy… do a search… wish we had!

    So.. the content of Goalongs is gone…. but I will be rebuilding it. Lucky for me that Google has most of it cached! Granted all the links from other sites will not work right and that will mess with things some – but at least I can easily get some of my stuff back up.

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  1. I found your site while browsing on google for scrapbooking and saw a few of your other pieces too. I’ve just added you to my yahoo rss Reader. Just wanted to say” keep up the good work” and congrats on a job well done! thumbsup from me 😀

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