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    Posted on November 10, 2008 by in Education, Homeschooling

    Mikah finished her Election 2008 lapbook just in time for election day last week.  I wanted to share it with everyone so that you can see how you can use a binder to make a lapbook a very flexible educational tool.  We started off with 2 folders – one blue and one red.  Each folder was folded in toward the center like the start of many traditional lapbooks.  These folders were then folded in half.  (hotdog fold)  At this point there are now 2 skinny folders accordian folded.  Using a strip of tape connect the red folder to the blue folder to form the back of the lapbook.  (This can be tricky – I folded the extra to the side leaving the 2 flaps on the table – one red, and one blue)  To make the lapbook sturdy or to add more surface you could add a folder to the back. This picture shows the center inside of the folder.  With your binder you will add a center top binding to this section.  I used a 2nd blue folder back to add some stiffness so the papers would flip easier. We bought America Votes from Curriclick and used that for most of the information inside our lapbook. Other resources we used were the free Presidental Lapbook from Notebook Learning and election lapbook materials from Homeschool Share. We printed the article from the New York Times about Obama’s win and his election night acceptance speech and added those to the middle binder section.  Also in that section Mikah predicted the election results with my help prior to election day.  (We predicted a win by Obama, but were hoping for a McCain win despite our predicition.)  To the top folder sections we added a side binder flap. We gluded red folder strips to the front sections so that the front sides would be the same color. The big map when the lapbook is opened is where Mikah recorded the election results.  We finised the lapbook off by adding a blue tie.  Mikah picked blue because its the color of the Democrats, Obama’s political party.  I thought that was very telling of what she learned though the process of the lapbook creation!


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  1. Kellie says:

    This is the second great election lapbook I’ve seen in recent days. I confess, I’ve never really understood the whole lapbook thing, but looking through your posts makes me want to learn more. I think we’re missing out on something fun. : )

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. admin says:

    Thanks! We love lapbooking and notebooking here. They really are great learning tools. Thanks for visiting!

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