• Montessori Adjective Paper

    Posted on October 23, 2008 by in Education, Homeschooling

    For grammar this year we are using the Montessori manuals from Montessori Research and Development.  It’s an amazing way to teach grammar – very hands on – but, requires some work from the parent to make the cards. (Find a friend who is interested in using the manuals and share the work!)  The teacher presents the lessons in the Montessori fashion and then the students use the materials (cards, solid and wooden grammar symbols, small objects) to make sentences etc. and then records them in a language notebook.  (No fill in the blank activities, no worksheets)  I was browsing though some Montessori websites and saw  a really neat idea at Albanesi Montessori – Montessori Adjective Strip of Paper.  They only show 1example – so, I took the idea and made my own.  I only had room for 8 adjectives as opposed to the 10 spaces they have.  Other than that I pretty much copied their format.  So, it’s not an original idea, but since I haven’t seen their other 9 pages mine are probably somewhat different.  I also like their Adjective Game of the Changing Paper and will probably try to recreate a version of that as well. Click here to download the zip file with all 11 Adjective Papers.

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