• Unit Study – Bacteria Notebook / Lapbook Pages & Prokaryote Cell Model

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    (Mikah preparing to grow Archaea.) This week we started a new unit study for science – Bacteria.  We started by learning about the 3 domains of living organisms.  (Bacteria, Archaea and Eukaraotes) This was all new information for me – so, I am learning right along with my 3rd grader!  (I knew about the outdated system with 5 kingdoms. If you do any research you will find a maze of confusion in the way to classify living things. I talked to a graduate student  in microbology and *think* I have a basic understanding.)

    We started off the week learning a little about Archaea.  (Sometimes referred to as extremeophiles or the outdated term, Archaebacteria)  I used the free resource Classic Science – Elementary Life Science.  This resource uses some outdated information – so, I adjusted accordingly.  (Parents guide, Chapter 4, page 35)  After studying Archaea we completed some lapbooking / notbooking pages I made. (Click on the thumbnail to download as a PDF)


    Because both Archaea and Bacteria are prokaryotic, we also made a prokaryote cell and discussed the ways prokaryotes and eukaryotes are different at the cellular level.  Our prokaryote cell is made from a container that held a halloween pen in the Target $1 section.  A baby soda bottle test tube would also work well.  The cytoplasma is hand sanitizing gel and the ribosomes are seed beads.  The DNA is a long piece of string.  (We taped the ends of the container closed with clear packing tape)  For the capsule we used a toy ball that we cut the printed face off and pulled around the container.  (Also found in the $1 section at Target.  We also considered using a childs tube sock or woman’s knee high hose. The ball was the perfect solution because it also models the pilla.)  When you cut the face from the ball it leaves a “cut away” area that allows you to look into the cell. We added ribbon flagella for the final touch.  

    Our Prokaryote Model 

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  1. Daphne says:

    How long did this take you and what would you label? For my assignment we have to label the organelles or cell structures… thanks!

  2. Dave Brooks says:

    Love your site!! Great bacterial model!

  3. Emily says:

    i was woundering if u could tell me if u used a scale like (1:1000) by a chance?

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