• Some Free Online Civil War Documentaries & other Civil War Unit Ideas

    Posted on October 8, 2008 by in Education, Homeschooling

    We really had planned to be almost through the Civil War by now….  but, are not.  So far Mikah has studied the underground railroad, Harriet Tubman & read the American Girl “Addy” series. We have a lot more to read and want to visit some historic sites also.  (We did go to history day at the Atlanta History Museum.  They have a section on the Civil War and The Tullie Smith Farm, and 1840’s farm)   At this point we have done no hands-on or lapbooking really. (Other than a little from Story of the World)  So the other day I got motivated and found a few resources.  

    For older students you can watch the entire Civil War series by Ken Burns at youtube.com.  (The link takes you to the playlist for the 1st 2 episodes. Find the others here:  Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9)  I also created a PDF document that includes all the links.

    Another series found at youtube.com is Civil War Minutes.  I plan to use a few with my 3rd grader. (Older students or those really into the Civil War would enjoy the entire series.) They are short stand along clips. They don’t have a playlist for this series, so, you might find my PDF very helpful on this series!  Also, I have listed the titles for each clip.  This can help you determine which to watch.  I purchased Confederate Soldiers in Focus from Enrichment4you.com and the project is to make a “housewife” (sewing kit) Civil War Minutes has a clip about these.  I also purchased Union Soldiers in Focus and in that kit the student makes patriotic stationary.  Civil War Minutes has several clips about letter wriitng during the Civil War. Both of the kits from Enrichment4you include some wonderful writtng promts and adjective lists.  These are great for a beginning or reluctant writer.  (And help an established writer provide variety and detail in their writing.) There are several other Civil War themed projects at their website.  Many would appeal to younger boys!  Of course, there are also some great, creative, hands-on projects for science, writing and other ares of history as well.  So, make sure you check out the website!  As we begin these units I will upload and share any notebooking pages / lapbooking templates I make.

    A 3rd series I found at youtube is Sherman’s March.  Here is my PDF playlist for the series.  There is also a really interested “Behind the Scenes” look at the filming of Sherman’s March.  (Part 1, Part 2)

    Well… thats about 12 hours of video about the Civil War in total.  Throw in a little writing and a few novels and it’s a good start for the high school student!

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