• Golf Tee Clock and Mr. Gallon Man

    Posted on October 7, 2008 by in Education, Homeschooling

    Mikah uses Singapore Math and has for the past year. (She has completed 1A-2A so far and is very close to completing 2B.  We use the Primary Math US Edition)   We started off with Shiller Math and it’s great – (wonderful manipluatives, a huge selling point, in my opinion) –  but we needed a more workbook approach because she just wasn’t “getting it” once we moved from manipulatives to the paper. (I think Shiller now sells a workbook, fyi)  She still sometimes struggles with math on worksheets –  so, I try to use a lot of manipulatives to help give her more concrete examples.  (although I am not a worksheet mom, math is one area where you have to be able to write your answer down and show how you got it.) We also read Living Math books to help her apply what she learns to the real world.

    Currently,  we are finishing up 2B.  Last week Mikah had several days where she was learning about time.  Now, in our house we have all digital clocks and Mikah spent a great deal of the week trying to convince me that there was no reason for her to learn to read a clock face.  Honestly, because of that I haven’t even worried about time up to this point.  (Shhhh… don’t tell her!)  Last year she learned hours and half hours in Singapore Math.  In 2B they teach quarter hours and counting by fives around the clock. It soon became apparent that we needed a manipulative so she could understand. Several years ago I made a Montessori Golf Tee clock knowing we would use it later. What a brilliant manipulative! Currently, you can not get directions on the internet for making the clock but they still have a few for sell at JMJ Publishing. You could probably figure out how to make one by looking at mine but honestly, it costs almost as much to make as what she is selling them for! (The base is strofoam and is covered by a laminated clock face. Colored duck tape holds it altogether.  If you decide to try to make your own, try EBAY for the golf tees.) Make sure you look at the other things on JMJ Publishing’s Website and the Livable Learning Site.  Suzanne, the owner, is extremely talented and creative and has some of the best ideas!  

    Today we made Mr. Gallon Man because Mikah is now studying liquid measurment. This is another cute idea someone creative thought up.  It really helps a visual learner to “see” how all the American liquid measurments compare to each other.  You can find the templates and directions here.  Another version is here. (It doesn’t seem to be in proportion, though.)  A cute story about Gallon Man can be found here.

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  1. Sabah Rashid says:

    Very useful to find Gallon Man quickly. I wasn’t able to find the story.

  2. This is helpful when you are doing the same project! 🙂

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