• The Saga of the Multiple Thomas Hart’s

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    It seems that if you were a Hart in the 1700’s then Thomas Hart was the name to have! At least in the Hart families in Augusta Co. VA and Pennsylvania. Every family seems to have had at least one Thomas. This makes finding the parentage of my lines James Hart rather difficult. Peter Hart who was born about 1740 is our last known and documented direct line relative. Some believe James Hart who traveled with him as he moved from VA, to NC, to GA and then back to NC and VA was his brother. I believe the research most likely points to this James being his father. More research points to the father of James being a Thomas Hart… the question is WHICH ? Thomas Hart! I believe after much research that he is probably the son of the preacher Thomas Hart from the Buck Co. PA Hart family. This Thomas was the son of John Hart and Susannah Rush. Thomas had nephews who later are living in Augusta Co. VA and Charleston SC.

    I also believe that it’s likely but not easy to prove that our Hart’s are also related to the Hart’s that were in Orange Co, VA at the same time our line was there. This Thomas Hart married Susannah Rice. This line is well documented from that point forward. Perhaps they are distant cousins, etc. Maybe it’s all a coincidence….

    So many Hart’s…… all named Thomas, so many claimed by other families….. click here for my notes on the HART family. (There are many Hart’s listed that are not in our direct line as well as my thoughts and thought process on my “best guess” at this point on the parentage of Peter Hart Sr. born around 1740 who’s son William moves to Hawkins County TN in the early 1800’s.)

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  1. John Hart Miller says:

    Hi, I am descended from the James Hart you mention above. A few years ago, we confirmed through a DNA test of a Male-Male-Male, etc. descendant of Thomas Hart, son of John Hart and Susannah (Rush) Hart of Byberry Twp., Phil. Co., PA, and later of Warminster Twp., Bucks Co., PA, and a male-male-male, etc. descendant of our James Hart. James was the son of Thomas Hart and Hester (not Ester) (Miles) Hart of Bucks Co., PA, later old Franklin Co., VA (1734/35-1754) and then to Orange Co., NC. James, born probably in Bucks Co., married Rebecca Finney who lived where Reading, PA, is now located and James had property across the Tulpohocken river from the Finney farm. James later, after Rebecca’s mother Sarah Finney died, moved to Augusta Co., VA, and around 1754/55, with Thomas, moved to Orange Co., NC. James and Rebecca lived near Efland and Hillsborough, NC, on a farm on the waters of the Eno river. I descend from their son, Stephen, who married Catherine Moore and lived in the same area. Their son John married Margaret Nelson in 1836 and they moved in 1837 to Clay Co., MO. The other Thomas Hart in Hillsborough was no relation according to my research. That Thomas Hart descended from what I call the Harts of Hannover, i.e. a Thomas Hart who came from England, settled in Hannover, VA, and was a merchant there. Thomas had several brothers so there were a lot of Harts of that Family in the Hillsborough, NC area. One of the girls married Jesse Benton, an attorney and Justice of the Peace in Hillsborough and an associate of Thomas Hart, owner of Hart’s Mill near Efland or Eflund, NC. The Thomas Hart of the “Hannover Harts” was involved with the Transylvania Company and Boonesborough, one of his brothers, Nathaniel, was also involved and was killed by indians on his farm near Boonesborough. Your Peter Hart may have been James’s brother, or could have been his son. I have more info on James and also Thomas’s children. Let me know if you are interested in what I have and when I get time I will dig it out and send you the info. I am always looking for more info on my descendant, James’s son Stephen and would be interested in any info you may have on him.


    • Mary Ann Scott says:

      Do you have any information on Morgan Hart in Orange County, N.C.? His daughter, Nancy,born in 1821, married Thomas George Pratt in Orange County. I have tried without success to link this Morgan to Benjamin and Nancy Morgan Hart. Also without success to John Hart and Nathaniel Hart, his brothers.

      • John Hart Miller says:

        Further to my info on the Hanover Harts – Ann Hart married Jesse Benton of Hillsboro, Orange Co., NC. After he died, she and at least two on her sons, Thomas Hart Benton and Jesse Benton, moved to land that Jesse or she had obtained from the Transylvania Co. somewhere around Nashville, TN. After Thomas Hart Benton had studied law, he became an aide of Gen. Andrew Jackson. One evening at a party he got into an altercation with Jackson after Jackson slandered his brother Jesse. The next day there was a further altercation and Thomas Hart B. shot Jackson in the shoulder. Because of that he and Jesse left Nashville and went to St. Louis. Later Thomas Hart B. became Missouri’s first, and famous, US Senator and a descendant of Jesse became a famous mural painter, Thomas Hart Benton who lived and died in Kansas City. Lucretia Hart, I believe Thomas Hart B. and Jesse’s cousin, married Henry Clay, a famous man in Congress, etc. JHM

  2. Ann Hawks says:

    I would like to know which proven line of Thomas Hart’s sons the DNA match was conducted with. There is not one scintilla of evidence that Thomas Hart Sr. or any of his sons ever resided in Orange County, NC; only in Rowan County. Nor has any document been uncovered which shows a connection of any kind between James Hart and Thomas Hart of Bucks County, PA.

  3. John Hart Miller says:

    Ann, the DNA match was an all male line between Thomas Hart, son of John and Susannah Hart, this Thomas Hart living in old Frederick Co. VA, between 1734/35 and 1754, through his son Samuel, etc. and an all male line descending from James Hart and Rebecca (Finney) Hart of Bucks Co.and Lancaster Co., PA, then Augusta Co., VA and then finally around 1755 to Orange Co., NC through James son Stephen, his son John (NC to MO in 1837), his son John Nelson Hart, etc. The information I have is that Thomas Hart moved from old Frederick Co., VA in 1754 to Orange Co. and settled in what is now Chatham Co. and died there. I know that some report him dying in SC at more than 100 years old, but I think that is a different Thomas Hart. I have never seen anything before your comment that any of these Harts lived in Rowan Co., NC. I have a lot of document copies and sites that show James and Rebecca Hart, and their son Stephen Hart living in Orange Co., Hilsboro area, NC. What do you have that shows otherwise. Are we talking about the same Thomas Hart, Sr., born abt. 1685-6 of Susannah (Rush) Hart and John Hart of Byberry Twp. Phil. Co., PA? Thanks

  4. patricia says:

    I found this site quite by accident ,it was doing genealogy my passion.I have stumbled on the Hart family while researching the Poe family.I have a working theory that I would share in the hopes that it would if used uncover more data regarding both the Poe and Hart families.I am certain in my mind that the Hannah Poe who married Peter Hart Jr was the daughter of William Poe and wife Elizabeth Bray Poe.William Poe is found in 1790 in Surry Co.with sons Henry ,Edmund,and daughter Elizabeth,records found in Surry definateley identify his wife as Elizabeth.This brings me to Willliam Poe and an Elizabeth Bray Poe who are found in Chatham Co NC in 1773.Elizabeth Bray Poe is identified by her Father Henry Bray in his will as Elizabeth Poe.I believe that further evidence pointing to this couple as the same one found in Surry and later in Ashe are the naming patterns of their children.First of all son Henry is with them in Chatham Co (when he inlists in the Rev war )then surry and then Wilkes ,then Ashe.The name Mathias one given to another of the sons of William and Elizabeth ,is one used several time s in the Chatham Co NC Bray family ,including Elizabeths brother,Mathias Bray.There is little doubt that the William and Elizabeth Poe who are in Surry Co ,later in Ashe are the same couple.My hang up on the entire theory is putting Elizabeth Bray and William Poe together at a time when they would have met and married.I believe that this William Poe is the same as The William Poe found in Culpeper Co NC ,son of another William Poe and wife Lydia.I can not place the Bray family there however.In Fauquier Co there are both Brays and Poes ,this county is very near Culpeper ,no evidence however that it is the same Bray family at all.Further evidence re this comes from again Henry Poes revolutionary war record which states he was born in Culpeper Co in 1758 .It further states he inlisted in Randolph Co while living in Chatham Co .(this would match perfectly with the time period when William and Elizabeth would have still been in Chatham .There is a William Poe who is found in Greenbrier Co Va in 1782 I suspect this could also be him ,and that he was there prior to moving to Surry.Another point I would make that seems to connect this William to Chatham Co ,is when he lived in Chatham Co he lived very near a John Poe.This John Poe migrated to Wilkes Co in the early 1780,s .neighbors to him, however just across the line in Surry Co (close enough to share neighbors the Cannadys) is the same William Poe who lived near him in Chatham Co I suspect that this John and this William are brothers,I also note that John has next to him in Wilkes his own son also named William

  5. Just an update – We got Dad’s DNA results back and we are in the Josiah Group http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/hart/results So, what this tells me is that MY Peter and James Hart can’t be related to the Harts that were DNA tested and show a supposed relation to Thomas Hart the Elder. I am still somewhat confused at that connection ya’ll have determined. (John – the one you mention) because both of those tested are through Thomas and he seems to be the major question for many lineages. At any rate this DNA test shows that all those claiming Thomas the Elder are not relatives. (Many of us had determined this – but the DNA shows proof)

    We also find a Peter Hart in Lincoln Co. NC in the 1790 census. (Close by is Rowan) So, I am researching those families as well….. I believe this Peter is also related to MY Peter.

    I also have found some evidence to have me believe that Thomas in Union Co, SC is related to the Hanover Hart family. I need to look for the document to prove it, tho.

    I have found our Peter in Chewhaws SC during the French & Indian War. (He is with John Hart and a Sizemore) Patricia – Have you looked for your Poe family in SC? James Hart is in the same household as Edward Sisemore in Surry Co. NC 1774. Later we find Peter and James fighting the Revolutionary War from VA and the Sizemores fight as SC Loyalists near the end of the war.

    Is the Peter, James, Samuel and Thomas Hart in Wrightsbrough and Orange County NC MY Harts or The Harts from the other group? I believe they are probably related to mine – if not my actual Peter. At this point I haven’t found anything that will let us know for sure. Is MY Peter the Son of James Hart & Rebecca Finney? I kind of doubt it. I think it’s possible James and Rebecca settled somewhere else? Because we do know James and Peter are family and there are no other James showing on records in Orange Co. If the other DNA group is related to Thomas the Elder then I would expect them somewhere else.

    The other things we found our is that our Hart line is Irish. (Irish Type 3 )

    This is all rather random… hope you can follow it!

  6. Ann Hawks says:

    To John Hart Miller: To repeat, my question is basic. What PROOF is there that James Hart, father of Samuel, was the son of Thomas Hart of Frederick/Berkeley VA? Someone saying he was is not PROOF. Its not even good circumstantial evidence. Its speculation with no foundation.

    To Donna Goalongs: There may be a connection between the Thomas Hart line of Frederick County and James Hart of 1774 Surry County, NC. Thomas’ proven son, Miles Hart appears in the 1782 Surry Co NC Tax List of Capt. Humphries before he moved on to Kentucky. However, there were other Hart lines from the Roanoke Valley area of Virginia moving into the Surry/Stokes area just before and after the Revolution. So I stress there MAY be a connection. Its certainly worth looking into.

  7. Dianne Sabido says:

    Just thought I would Let you know that Hester and Ester Myles/miles are the same person. Some of the documentors may not have understood the welsh form and maybe because of their dialect that is what they understood. So when the above person who did a DNA of the Hart family says not Ester, then they are mistaken, both are the same person.

  8. Dianne Sabido says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Just thought I would Let you know that Hester and Ester Myles/miles are the same person. Some of the documentors may not have understood the welsh form and maybe because of their dialect that is what they understood. So when the above person who did a DNA of the Hart family says not Ester, then they are mistaken, both are the same person.

    • John Hart Miller says:

      Hope this is not too late. I agree that Hester and Ester are the same person, but that Hester’s parents did not have an Ester. I checked with the records of the Pennypack Baptist Church in Byberry Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA in person and saw their records showing only a Hester. Hester’s parents are buried in that cemetery. John Hart Miller

  9. Dixon Smith says:

    I have just come across this blog, so I am late in entering the discussion.

    James Hart (c.1715—1793) and his wife Rebecca Finney are my 5th great-grandparents. I have excellent documentation back to them. I also have strong circumstantial evidence that James is the son of Thomas Hart (1686-aft.1754) and Esther Miles. It is well proven that this Thomas is the son of John Hart (1651-1714) and Susanna Rush.

    But there is a quandary. Y-DNA analysis of a Hart male cousin of mine does not closely match two others claiming to be descended from Thomas. One of us must be wrong. I am still attempting to unravel this predicament.

    My papers on this subject are many pages long. If you would like a copy of my findings, contact me at dixon.smith@verizon.net

    • Debra Hart Semones says:

      MY research for my family has brought me to
      John Hart “the immagrant” who married Susanna Rush. My question is…John was to have a son Thomas who had a son James. Here is where things get confusing.In many findings I have found James B 1715 has married many times> once to Rebecca Finney and also to Pamela Morgan Hart. It is believed he married Pamela after Rebecca passed away. they were to have had a son James Morgan Hart b 1765. This James is without question my 6th greatgrandfather.do you have any information on this James Hart?I have all names and births
      from my father(deseased)to this James Hart though ancestory.com anything you have would be appreciated Thank You in advanced for your help on this matter.

      • mary ann hart rush says:

        need to talk to you about the hart family…….

      • John Hart Miller says:

        My ancestor James Hart married Rebecca Finney, the daughter of Sarah (The Widow Finney) and Joseph Finney and lived in the area of present Reading, PA until around 1748, then moved to Augusta Co., VA and lived there until abt. 1754 when Indians started raiding the Shenandoah VAlley at the beginning of the French and Indian War. Then, with his father Thomas Hart, they moved on to Orange Co., NC (Tax records record James there, but not Thomas) in 1755. Thomas left his son Thomas, Jr. a Power of Attorney because he was part of a suit against Lord Thomas Fairfax to determine title to his land. My information about Thomas from Barry Hart, one of the participants in the DNA test at issue here. Re James and Rebecca Hart, they owned land on the waters of the Eno river near Hillsboro, NC and I have land records showing this. According to this record in the Orange Co. land records in Hillsboro, NC, below, Rebecca was still living in 1793.
        3 August 1793. James Hart of Orange to Stephen Hart, his son of same, five pounds, 120 acres, on waters of Eno, part of tract whereon James Hart now lives, begin at Hugh Findley’s corner tree, North to David Fawcett’s corner tree, East for complement cross James Hart’s plantation a South course till it strikes Hugh Findley’s line. Signed: James (X) Hart, Rebecca (X) Hart. Witnesses: Kenneth Anderson,
        Edward Turner, John Allison. Proved before Spruce Macay 17 October 1793 bt Allison.
        There is much confusion with the Harts because of other Hart families living in the area where they lived in PA (the Plumsted Harts) and in Hillsboro, NC, (the Hanover Harts whose descendants included two Thomas Hart Bentons, the first senator of Missouri and the famous mural painter from Kansas City, MO, as well as uncles, brothers and cousins living in Orange Cos.,VA and NC. Regarding the Ester or Hester Miles/Myles, the I looked at the old records in the Pennypack Baptist Church in Byberry Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA in 2007 which verified what I said earlier about Hester and Ester being the same person – her parents and she were members there and those who questioned what I said should go there and check it out. The Welsh immigrants to PA, when they had to use a last name, took their father’s first name as their last name – this is why many descendants of Welsh immigrants have last names that look like first names. By the way, Hester Miles mother’s maiden name was Edwards, see below:
        Griffith Miles b.1670 at Llanfihangel Helygen,County Radnor, Wales, d. 1/1719
        D. Bridget (Edwards) Miles b.? at Machynlleth, County or parish Montgomery, Wales, Married 1692 d. 1709 in Montgomery Co., PA
        Buried Pennepack Cemetary, Byberry, PA

        James and Rebecca’s place in VA was 410 acres.
        By the way, Rebecca Finney Hart was baptized on August
        2, 1737 at St. Gabriel’s Church in Morlatton, PA (now
        Douglassville, PA in Berks Co.).
        I hope this clarifies some of the questions put forward in your reply and other replies – I have submitted facts that I have found in my research and if others question this, please provide copies of records that support your thinking. Genealogy is getting easier with the internet, but it is also more information with common names can add a lot of confusion and mistakes.

  10. John Hart Miller says:

    I have tax role and land records from Hillsborough, Orange Co., NC showing that my James Hart and Rebecca (Finney) Hart and their son Stephen Hart lived in Orange, Co., NC, between Hillsborough and Efland (Sp?) as early as the 1750’s through the early 1790’s. I also have records showing that Stephen Hart and Catherine (Moore) Hart of Hillsborough, NC had a son John born in 1797 and another son who went off to TN.Stephen and Catherine both died a few months apart in 1811 and my gg grandfather John was raised by an uncle and aunt. In 1836 he married Margaret Nelson, of an old Orange Co. family and in Sept., 1837, they left Hillsborough, NC for Missouri, arriving by steamboat at Liberty Landing a few miles south of Liberty, MO. Re the DNA tests, one person was Thomas Hart of Bowling Green, KY, an all male descendant of James Hart, and the Rev. Barry Hart of Paris, TN, an all male descendant of one of Thomas Hart, the Elder’s sons, as I recall, Arron Hart. Rev. Barry Hart told me that he has a record of a note or letter written by one of his Hart ancestors who visited Thomas Hart, the Elder, in Chatham, CO, NC, a few years after he moved there from his farm in Old Frederick Co., VA, south of Shepardstown, VA. I have never found any records showing Thomas Hart the Elder in Chatham, Co., VA or any place in VA. I believe he came to Orange Co. VA with James and Rebecca just after the indian raids around Vinchester, VA at the outset of the French and Indian war. I did find that he left his power of attorney to one of his sons, I believe Thomas Hart, Jr. who lived close by in Old Frederick Co., VA, because the Elder was involved in a big lawsuit with Lord Thomas Fairfax over the ownership of his farm. By the way, one of George Washington’s first assignments (jobs) as a surveyor was part of a surveying party that surveyed Fairfax’s land grant that extended into old Frederick Co.

    I am interested in what evidence you and/or Donna have that leads you to believe that my James Hart was not the son of Thomas Hart, the Elder. By the way, as I recall, Rebecca Finney had one or more sisters that married friend(s) of John Hart, the older brother of Thomas the Elder. I will be interested in learning what info you have that indicates or possibly proves that James Hart, husband of Rebecca Finney, is not the son of Thomas Hart, the Elder. Thanks. John Hart Miller

  11. Debra Hart Semones says:

    Dear John,

    My name is Debra Hart Semones, I have been researching my fathers family for some time now. I am trying to confirm that James Morgan Hart b 1765 is the son of James Hart b 1715.
    I have found this to reappear many times in my research. It seems as though James Hart married Pamela Elizabeth Morgan after the death of Rebbeca Finney they had a son James Morgan Hart,
    also a daughter Annie Elizabeth Hart. this James Hart is my 5th ggrandfather. If you nhave any info on this matter I would appreciate your input.

    Debra Hart Semones

    • John Hart Miller says:

      Hello Debra, maybe what I have below will help you. I don’t have a complete list of James and Rebecca Hart’s children. I do know that they had a son baptized in a church near where they lived in PA. My ancestors James and Rebecca (Finney) Hart had a son Stephen, my ancestor, who married Catherine Moore and one of their son’s was my ancestor John Hart who married Margaret Nelson of Orange Co., NC and they came to Missouri in 1837. The following gives some info on the children of James and Rebecca Hart:
      In the Orange County Estate Papers, there is a division of James Hart’s land
      (129 acres) dated 1796. The land is divided into four plots, measured from
      stake to red oaks, white oaks and hickory trees and by chains and links. The
      most interesting part of this land division record follows: “And we the said
      commissioners to hereby attest and assign the divisions of the said tract of
      land herein before stated to the parties claiming as follows to wit, we do
      hereby allot and assign division aforesaid No. 1 bounded aforesaid to Thomas
      Hart, the defendant – by and with the consent of him said Thomas Hart – to
      be held by him in severalty and do hereby allot and assign, the division
      aforesaid No. 2, bounded as aforesaid to Peter Hart one of the plaintiffs –
      by and with the consent of the said Peter Hart – to be held by him in
      severalty. And we do hereby allot and assign, the division afaoresaid No. 3
      bounded as aforesaid to Stephen Hart, another of the plaintiffs – by and
      with the consent of the said Stephen Hart – to be held by him in severalty.
      And lastly we do hereby allot and assign, the division aforesaid No. 4,
      bounded as aforesaid to the heirs of Samuel Hart, deceased – by and with the
      consent of Stephen Hart attorney in fact of one of the said heirs, and next
      friend of the others of them – to be held in severalty by them. Given under our hands and seals this 22 day of October 1796. Signed by Owen Lindly, Samuel Chamers, John Taylor, Robert Faucet, and Peter Writsman.”

      An inventory of the James Hart estate taken September 30, 1793 indicates he owned 129 acres on Eno River at the time of his death. The administrator was Thomas Hart.

      The below info from my NC to MO John Hart gives some info on the children of Stephen and Catherine Hart:
      My father died in the spring of 1811 and my mother in the fall of the same
      year. Their family were four girls and two boys i. e., Rebecca, Jane and
      Rachel, and Sallie who married John McCracken; James and myself [John] were
      the boys.

      My mother’s family I know but little about. I think my grandfather Moore’s
      name was James; was killed in the Revolutionary War. My grandmother’s name I forget. He had one son, James, by his first wife, a full brother to my mother, and several by his second wife. Here are some of their names; William and Robert, whom I saw, and John who went off from his half brother James in Tennessee and was never heard of afterwards. I have seen two of the daughters in Tennessee. One married Ruben Dixen and the other Jeehue Simons.
      There were more but I forget their names.”

      I hope this is of some help. John Hart Miller

  12. Debra Hart Semones says:

    Dear John,

    Thank you for your reply. I have been away from my research for a few months now, so it was nice to receive your information. My line of Harts have many of the same names… John James Samuel Stephen Peter etc. they too
    Appear to be from NC,VA, Kentucky and some settling west in MO. My research stops with James Hart Sr. No information has been located as to when or where he was born . My brother is taking a DNA test in a few weeks
    Through worldfamlies . I am hopeful that this help break down the brick wall most Hart researchers are running into. He would be a direct male decendant
    (Father to father etc). For this particular line of Harts. In my research there are so many similarities in our families I would be very surprised if we were not one in the same. I do know James ‘s brother Peter’s side of the family has had DNA test done and were in the Josiah group, I know they where a match for Christopher Hart b 1543 also William Josiah, Miles, William,and Josiah , my question is… Just out DNA results would these not prove that the families are one in the same. As far as I have been able to research Christopher Hart had only 1 son come to America that being John Hart who married Susanna Rush . And it appears that my Harts were an exact match for Christopher Hart ? I am again hopeful that my brothers DNA will help close these caps.

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