• Free Educational DVD Once a Year From izzit.org

    Posted on October 1, 2008 by in Education, Homeschooling

    Do you know about this resource for teachers?  If you teach 4th-12th grade then you can get a free DVD each year from izzit.org.  All you have to do is provide feedback after your students watch the video to be eligible to recieve another video the next year.  This is available to homeschoolers as well and it’s the second year I have requested and recieved a video.  Right now there are 11 different DVD’s to choose from mostly in the area of ecnomics & history.  Check it out!  FREE VIDEO 

    Izzit.org also provides a daily current event article along with vocabulary and discussion questions each weekday through the school year.  Until today I had never looked at them and didn’t know how great they look!  I could see having a student do them daily or a few days weekly and keeping them in a binder.  It would be an easy way to add current events studies into your school year.  Current Events 

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