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    Faith Learning Center is an enrichment center providing classes for students 3rd-12th grade.  Registration is open for the 2015/2016 school year.

    Faith Learning is located in Hoschton GA.   We meet on Thursdays.

    Faith Learning Center

    12 Mulberry Street

    Hoschton, GA 30548





    9:00  Photography   MS/HS     $25 a month – PLUS $5 a semester for supply fees
    This class is designed to help the amateur photographer learn about taking good photos using a digital camera. (They will need to own and bring a digital camera to each class) The course will cover the basics of composition, choosing the right settings for the conditions, lighting and more. (NOTE: I will NOT be teaching the basic functions of the camera. Student’s are expected to be able to use their camera prior to this class.) Students will upload photos to the Internet weekly. Cell phone cameras are allowed.


    IMG_1745  IMG_0868

    11:00  Exploratory Art –Elementary Art   Elementary K-5th   $25 a month — PLUS $25 a semester for supply fees

    Exploratory Art is a foundation course presenting a variety of projects including drawing, painting, sculpture, and design that will enable the student to become familiar with vocabulary, materials, techniques, technology, history, and art appreciation. Students will explore a variety of materials in order to express ideas and concepts. Themes will be presented along with lessons to help the student with subject matter.  Students will always be able to freely create regardless of presented theme.

    10:00  Developing The Inner Artist   Middle & High School Students
    $25 a month — PLUS $35 first semester supply fee (Includes a portfolio and hardback drawing journal) 2nd Semester supply fee – $25 ($12 additional for new students who need portfolios and drawing journals)
    This class challenges students to discover their abilities and what they have to say through their art work.  Students will utilize a variety of art media to create two- and three-dimensional art works while building an appreciation for, and drawing inspiration from, many cultures and famous works of art. Students will build an art portfolio of their work and will also keep a drawing journal. Both are provided in the fall semester supply fees.

    2:00  Mad Scientist Lab    Elementary 3rd-5th    $25 a month — PLUS $25 a semester for supply fees
    The first semester of this class will be Chemistry and Physical Science based.  Labs will ooze, fizz and even light stuff up!  The second Semester will be Biology and Earth Science Based. We will dissect several different organisms, learn about the functions of our bodies and explore the surface of our earth.

    12:30 – 2:00  Science Lab   Middle & High School Students  $35 a month (Meet 1.5 hours) – PLUS $30 a semester supply fee
    Not sure how to do science labs while homeschooling?  Science Labs to the rescue!  1st Semester students will learn about Chemistry and make reactions at fizz, change suddenly or even taste good!  2nd Semester will be Biology labs. We will dissect several different organisms and also learn about the function of several body systems.

    3:00  50 Niffy States  2nd-5th  $25 a month – PLUS- $20 Supply Fee each semester
    The focus for this class is our very own 50 Nifty United States. The class is literature and art based. Activities include: a salt dough map of Georgia, a “suitcase” with little “souvenirs” from all 50 states, a lapbook and a postcard collection. Students  will learn states, capitals, landmarks, rivers, lakes etc. while completing craft projects, making collections etc. This is a class with movement and mess – with some sit down work thrown in on occasional.

    To sign up visit:  https://faithlearningcenter.wordpress.com/online-registration-2/

    To ask questions us this form:
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