• Summit Academy Classes (Dacula/Auburn Location 2015-16)

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    This upcoming fall I will be teaching the following classes at the Summit Academy Dacula/Auburn Location:

    FRIDAYS at Sharon Baptist Church
    1059 Dee Kennedy Rd
    Auburn, GA 30011

    12 weeks 1 semester / 16 weeks 2nd semester



    9:30  Draw Happy        $25/month tuition               $25 supply fee each semester      Grades:  MS/HS

    Using abstract subject matter and the expressive process of painting & drawing participants will create expressive works of art. Students will be introduced to wet and dry drawing materials as well as a variety of water mediums (acrylic, watercolor or craft paint).  They will learning some fun cartooning, whimsical drawing techniques as well as some tried and true rules of the art world involving composition, colors and drawing. Throughout the year we will be exploring and broadening our creative expression and use of new medias using mixed media journaling.  The main goal of the class is to develop the inner artist, their creativity and talent.


    IMG_3224  IMG_3662  IMG_3660

    10:30  General Science Lab        $25 a month            $25 supply fee each semester        Grades:  4th – 8th

    Dissect an eyeball- make paper circuits – design experiments – make things pop, bang, and sizzle – extract DNA – Figure out “Whodunit” by performing lab tests – and MORE!  This class is designed to be a systematic introduction to the sciences. These classes are experiential, hands-on, inquiry based, and lab based with little to no homework assigned. The areas of science studied may include Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Forensics and Physics. (Bigger emphasis on Biology and Chemistry than the other areas) We will start by covering the scientific method and move through areas of science studying some of the big ideas, theories and general daily practice of the divisions of science. Each class will consist of background information (Usually a powerpoint or video), the hands on lab portion and an end of class wrap up. You will not be required to purchase a book. Everything is provided except a pencil and paper!

    11:30  ART                      $25/month tuition        $25 supply fee each semester      Grades:  Elementary

    This course offers a creative, non-threatening and encouraging environment, where students explore creative art process. The focus will be investigation into the fundamentals of color &  design. The goal will be to create bound 7×7 art journals that document this process through the year. Students will be working with mixed media and learning basic art techniques using these medias. They will also be introduced to basic composition skills, whimsical cartooning style drawing and more!

    1:00 High School Biology  —Biology + LAB           $40/month tuition        $25/term supply fee           Grade:  HS

    (1.5 hour class first semester & 2 hours second semester)                   Text Needed:  Shepherd Biology  

    This class covers the basics of life science. There is an in depth coverage of the cell- molecules, organelles, metabolic functions and DNA/RNA protein synthesis and genetics in the first part of the year.  The second half deals with the plant and animal kingdoms.  Possible labs: Using a Microscope, Blood testing,DNA, Genetics, Dissecting a cow eye, Growing bacteria, Earthworm dissection, Osmosis and diffusion, Virus and Bacteria models, Photosynthesis, Starfish dissection, Soil testing, Nitrogen Cycle, Water Cycle, Carbon Cycle, Life Cycles, sowbug experiments, human body systems etc.

    To sign up for these classes visit:  http://daculasummit.weebly.com/online-registration.html

    Use the form below to ask me any specific questions [contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Question’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]



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