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    Genealogy has been a hobby of mine for a few years. I’d like to be able to document the family lines for my children and future generations. Of course, like most researchers I hit “brink walls” in my research. My current wall is Richard FORE. (b. abt 1750 in SC, NC or VA & d. 1817 in Marion Co. SC) I have looked and looked but can’t seem to locate his parents. So, this week I have been following other family lines of those known to have married into the family or had a close relationship with a FORE family. Another small detail that makes the search difficult is that the FORE name is spelled in many different ways in the records. FORES/FORD/FOREE/FAURE/FAURI/FORE and probably others… So, it’s important to document everything and find additional sources to verify questionable name changes or issues. Then there is also the issue of county formation at that time in history. A person could live in the same place all their life and live in more than one state and in several counties! This makes the research a huge puzzle that continues to stump me, and that can get frustrating at times. I think my next step is to convince a FORE male relative to do the DNA testing. It will perhaps identify where to search next…. (Ummm… any of my male uncles or cousin reading this? LOL)

    My research has uncovered that our family is probably of Huguenot decent who came to American because of religious persecution. In the late 1600’s there was a Huguenot colony called the Petit-Guerard colony in South Carolina. Later, there also was a colony in Virgina named Manakintown and several others in various locations on the east coast. I feel our family connects to the South Carolina or Virginia colonies. FAURE’s also are found later in Orangeburg SC and Purrysburg SC. In order to make sense of the migration patterns of the differnent families in SC, VA and NC I have started a timeline. It includes potentially several different family lines and parallel research as well. (TUBERVILLLE, EVANS, HUTTO, FINKLEA and more…) I am posting what I found in hope that someone has the missing piece to this puzzle and will share it 🙂 Sometimes the answer is found in another line or some document another family has.

    Just for the record these are my thoughts….

    • I believe Richard is connected to the SC or VA Huguenots
    • Richard married a Judith but no one has documented her surname. Could she be Judith Tuberville? I haven’t found anything to prove or disprove my theory – it’s gotta be out there, though!
    • Why did Richard move north to NC from SC (If indeed he was in SC prior to 1782) We find a Daniel and Richard FORE in NASH Co. NC after the war. (Tax and census records) Where did they come from? There sure are a lot of FORD’s around… just no FORE’s.
    • Richard is the only FORE family in Marion Co. SC in the early 1800’s but there are several FORD families. Are we related?

    Here is a link to my FORE Family timeline notes…. Hopefully, they might help someone else out as well!

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  1. I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

  2. Thomas Wayne Fore, Sr. says:

    Cannot back all of this up yet,, But this is a line that I am tracing now!
    (Me-VA) Kenneth Wayne Fore (Father-VA) Thomas Harry (Grand Father-VA&SC) Thomas Daniel, Dan (1G Grandfather-SC) Thomas Elly (2G Grandfather- SC) HenryJames (3G Grandfather-SC) Thomas (4G Grandfather) His oldest brother was Joel Moved to Alabama and died was named in his fathers will! His Father and Thomas’s Father Joel Fore(1781-1855) my (Married to Amelia Finklea) (5G Grandfather NC & SC) Richard Fore (6G Grandfather) Moved to Marion SC with His son Joel from NC. His father my 7G Grandfather Was believed to be Daniel from NC) Thats where I am rough form still gathering info just started in August last year! Makes me the 10th Generation.

  3. Shirley Cayton says:

    I recently found the name “Richard Four” listed in the Administration Bond of the estate of Reuben Jones d. late 1814, Marion County, South Carolina. Could there be a connection between the Jones and Fores?

  4. shelly mullen says:

    I am from Richard Faure. My Great-great grandmother was Sallie Ellen Fore, she married Noah Harmon Murrell. Her daughter was Cleo Mollie Murrell, she married Roland Lee “Pete” Mullen. My mother’s name is Sally Ellen Mullen she married Martin Faktor. Hope this helps enlarge your book. I’m waiting on results from my DNA test to see where I stand in my studies. Good luck.

  5. Geri Taxis says:

    My sons greatgrand father was Latti Fore from somewhere in south Carolina.

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