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    Posted on July 9, 2008 by in Art & Carfts, crafts

    I know its a bit early… but I found some products today that I am adding to my “must have” Christmas list!

    The first is called The Bind-it-All. This is a small binder – a lot smaller than the one I have….. but, it gets better! It cuts chipboard and acrylic and uses a metal wire binding. They come in sizes up to 12 inches long, one inch round. The best way to explain all it can do is to send you to the website… warning… You’ll want one also! Bind-it-All Idea Gallery. They are very affordable – $64.99

    No need to travel from the Zutter site to find the next item on my list!

    It’s a corner rounder that cuts chipboard and acrylic! What a great companion to the Bind-it-All. It comes in 2 sizes. I think I want the larger of the 2. Once again, great price at under $25 dollars!

    Making shopping easy for Alan I am staying at the Zutter website for the next item as well. Its the DreamKuts paper cutter. Oh, how this baby will save me time! (I can’t count the number of times I have cute 500 4×4 paper squares for a homeschool co-op type project! ) You need to see it in action to really understand what it does. Basically, its a paper shredder with only one or 2 knives. It even cuts 12×12 papers! This one costs a bit more… its just a little under $100. The website has 2 videos that show what the products do. Watching it will help you understand more about the DreamKuts cutter.

    The last item on my list is the bag for the Bind-it-All. I wish I had a bag for my Wishblade – so, don’t want to pass this up! It will keep the Bind-it-All dust free and help store all the wires in one place. For under $30 its a must-have!

    So, thats it…. the beginnings of my Christmas list. OK, yes, I know its barely JULY! All the other holidays are past for this year though…. hummm, wounder if I can convince Alan they are school supplies? ha! Christmas in July?? umm…….

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  1. beulahmom says:

    I have each of the items you have put on your “wish list” and I can tell you….they are great! It took me several purchases spread out over a few months to acquire them all but all are so well worth it! I love them. I made personalized family calendars for this year’s Christmas gifts and my grown children all love them. (grandkids too!) I have also made books for my grandchildren.

    I hope you got all of these items like you were hoping because I can vouch for their usefulness.

  2. admin says:

    I got them all except the Zutter – I have the Christmas money to buy it if I choose – but I am still looking at all my options 🙂 I LOVE the bind-it-all…. what an awesome tool!

  3. admin says:

    ummm.. I meant the Dreamkuts… oops!

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