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    Posted on June 30, 2008 by in Education, Homeschooling

    These past few weeks I have been selecting the resources Tyler will be using for 9th grade. He is a visual and auditory learner and remembers everything he sees and hears. He is a great reader, but dislikes reading (I know… how can that be seeing he is my son?? LOL Lately I only have time for a few novels a week though…) So, I have been looking for a more project-based curriculum that will give him some choice.

    I found some great freebies to pass on during my search.

    University of California College Prep Open Access
    From the site …”Welcome to UCCP Open Access! Here you will find world class University of California college prep courses freely available for students and educators to use as supplemental or complementary material. You can easily move through an entire UCCP course from start to finish, or a teacher can send students to an open course to provide them with additional learning opportunities.” Tyler will be doing AP Biology using this site this upcoming school year. They have math and history courses available as well. The online labs look really interesting. It appears all I will need to add is hands- on science labs. The needed textbook was found on Amazon in the marketplace. For under $20 I was able to buy it and the workbook It even came with a CD! Tyler might use this site for his Government class as well He is deciding between it and Thinkwell’s Government course. (Which is about $60 for a years access through the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op)

    Another great resource thats free is MIT’s Open Courseware. They have 1800 MIT courses available on line for free! Some have the full video lectures, some have audio, some just have lecture notes. There is a special section just for high school students (With links to the courses they will find more appropriate.) Tyler is interested in a few of the computer courses listed here.

    Other free resources I found:

    Troy High School Online Home Biology Labs

    Oklahoma City Community College Biology Labs Online

    Pearson LabBench Activities

    Biology Online Virtual Labs

    Oklahoma Homeschooler’s has a great list of online resources for Biology

    Serendip Interactive Biology Links (Long list)

    Serendip also has online lesson plans for biology labs to do with 6-12 graders. I saw several that Tyler would be interested in and that provide hands on lab experience. Hands-on Activities for Teaching Biology to High School or Middle School Students

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