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    Posted on May 8, 2008 by in Around the House

    I thought I’d post some more pictures of Ally tonight. Mikah loved holding her and is turning out to be more maternal than I expected. Tyler held Ally for pictures, but really was far more interested in getting back to the computer. I just can’t get over how tiny Ally looks in the pictures….

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  1. Aunt Sheila says:

    She is so beautiful!!! I have beenlooking forward to seeing some pix but someone was slacking. OK so I haven’t sent any of Kelvin but I don’t have a Tyler to help me. She is really pretty and I love the name. Looked at the belly painting pix too. Kara was how far along? She really was pregnant and I’m glad there is proof. I was afraid it was a hoax because being pregnant involves getting large and we know how Kara is about that. Can’t wait to see the little lass. But she is sooo tiny!! Not used totiny babies. Ours are all big when they get here!! Anyway thanks for the pix!! Love you!!! Aunt SHEILA

  2. Mike and Shannon Miller says:

    OHHHH How cute!…. Tell Kara we said congratulations….. Your children are getting sooo big, How are you all doing? ….. Send us an e-mail sometime,we would love to hear from yall. shannon7274@yahoo.com.

    Love, Mike and Shannon

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