• Belly Painting

    Posted on May 8, 2008 by in Around the House

    All great art work needs a medium and a working surface! I bet da Vinci never painted a pregnant womans belly! (umm… and probably never felt like he had missed anything in the process!)

    Da Vinci, I am not…. but I started messing around with face painting a few years ago when Mikah had a “Pony Carnival” birthday party. I found an online recipe and mixed my own paints. What a disaster! Homemade paints are great for kids to play with, but terribly difficult to paint faces accurately with. Lesson learned, I orderd Snazaroo paints for my next face painting adventure. What a difference!

    So, I started bugging Kara about painting her belly in about her 6th month. She finally relented (probably to shut me up) She picked what she wanted and I did the art work. Yes, it’s a bit unusual… but, so is Kara. I thought it turned out pretty good. It was fun, at anyrate.

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