• New Regulations by the Consumer Products Safety Division

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    Mikah got a beautiful new doll for Christmas. It’s a Berenguer doll made in Spain. She is a 21 inch doll and extremely life like. We get stopped several times a day by folks who think “Alex” is real! Mikah treats her baby really well. Today she took her Christmas money and went shopping for some clothing for “Alex.” It’s great, because 21 inch dolls wear newborn clothing and Mikah was able to get some great deals at our local Kid to Kid resell store. It’s a good thing Mikah got Alex this year, because on Feb. 10, 2009, all the laws for children’s toys are changing.

    As of Feb. 10th many European manufactures will not be selling their products in America. That means all those great wooden toys made overseas will not be available here. The doll Mikah got for Christmas probably will not be sold here anymore… Why? Because of the intensive testing that is now required for products made after Dec. 22nd to be sold here in the USA. This cost manufactures a lot of money to get each product certified and the smaller companies just can’t afford it. But now, all toys coming into the USA must be tested and certified at a high cost. This means smaller companies would have to raise prices on items sold in the USA. One company estimated it would raise their prices 50% on wooden toys and that would more than likely make them too costly and deplete the US market for the toys. The irony? Europe has much higher standards already in place for Children’s toys.

    Remember the baby clothes Mikah got today for her doll? Well, the new law also includes the resell of children’s clothing! Do you shop resell? Goodwill? Yard Sales? As of Feb. 10th it will be illegal to re-sell any used children’s products including toys and clothing.

    Do you buy used books? games? DVD’s, textbook etc.? Yep, you guessed it… not under the new law. Goodbye homeschool book sales, used book stores, Ebay deals…..

    Do you or someone you know handcraft or sew items intended for children? Without paying out big bucks to have each item certified, not anymore.

    Think of the lost jobs… the lost wages, for store owners and artisans who sell children’s products. Think of all these items now going into landfills as opposed to being loved by a second child. Think of the families who depend on the savings buying from second hand shops.

    I am all for protecting my children. I made sure the doll Mikah got for Christmas was safe and free of phthalates. But, I also know its a European toy and tested under strict guidelines.

    According to online news sources “ Adding to the confusion and frustration is the fact that the U.S. Consumer Products and Safety Commission is not returning calls or e-mails to the countless re-salers and even journalists who have tried in vain to get clarification on what the law means to garage sales and how it will be enforced.”

    So, the question is, how will the new law effect homeschool book sales, yard sales, etc? Will there be barter parties in our futures?

    For more information go to US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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